Keeping Track of My Musings as a Fiction Writer


I have fussed around with the idea of journaling about my writing for a long time. And so, now I embark on the project.

I’ve written several non-fiction books (Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern day Mystics — Orange Blossom Meditation — Does Your Child See Sparkles?) and that was simply gathering information and formatting what I have been studying and found during spirit-communication. It mainly took time and patience to compile this information into palatable content.

But fiction — my that is another thing!

So, now you can have some insight to my thinking as to why I have written something, what brought about a certain character in the story, and why it has taken  me so long to put it on paper.

What I am working on (working title “Life, as Celebrated by Joseph Allen Walk” or “The Legend of Unconditional Love”) came to my mind as a full length movie in a dream. Many years ago. At 3:00am I woke, fully mesmerized by the extent of the story, and ran down stairs to type out a short outline on my word processor — yeah, it was that long ago!

I am sharing bits and pieces of different sections of the story here in this blog under the Category “The Story”. After awhile it will all start to make sense.

But for now, I must come to terms with what to post and how much to post. I hope you enjoy the journey and the story!

~Melissa Leathbundles

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