Finishing Projects and Mind-Space.

So here I sit in front of you, just finishing a five month word desert! Seems I have written and expanded themes and characters in my mind. But can’t sit down and put it on the book content page. All those other little mundane projects keep jumping into my mind. I start them, thinking after this gets out of the way, I’ll be able to concentrate on the novel. Half way through the project, a new idea hits me and I start another project — never even finishing the old one.

So here is my conundrum: Which project do I finish first? And that leads to a stalemate. hmmmm….

Earlier in the season, I saw my neighbor outside working in her garden. She is a well-read author, who writes many biographies and a few poems. So she spends much of her time researching the topic and person of interest for the book. But she was not just weeding the flower bed, or trimming the curb. She was cutting a new area for flowers and planting a small bush.

I knew the pattern! I spoke to her and she stopped and came over to the fence to chat a moment, wiping her brow with the back of her garden glove.

“What new book project are you working on now?” I asked her.

“How did you know I had a new book in the works?” she said, half smiling and half puzzled.

“I know the pattern.” was my reply. “When ever you have a new book deadline, you start garden projects.”

I consider my neighbor a very talented and brilliant person. And recognize the need for mind-space before moving into full blown writing. And she had demonstrated this technique of avoiding-the-necessary-task-at-all-cost many times before. We’ve lived next door to her for 30 years, and have seen this distraction move more than once.

So I must (I must, I must) include myself in the brilliant and talented concept, since I too use the technique of avoiding-the-necessary-task-at-all-cost.

But, since I am able to write about it now means that I am coming very close to opening up the document file that houses my novel and skillfully expanding 70 pages into 300+.

Keep watching and wish me speedy luck!

Melissa Leath.

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