Installment 3, The Legend of Unconditional Love — Follow the Sun

Joseph had traveled miles walking by himself for hours. Even though he knew nothing about Pennsylvania, he had made it on foot into this state. There were no signs to indicate where he was, because he traveled on secondary roads and pathways. But he could tell it felt different.

The Sun seemed to feel so warm on his face. Joseph had always felt drawn to the Sun since he could remember. If the sun could have talked to him, they would have had long conversations. The vibrations he got from it felt comforting and there was some kind of dialog going on inside his head. Joseph always talked to himself in his head, like there were two of him at the same time.

But this time, there was another voice in his head. There was someone talking in his head! It was a different voice than what he remembered. Different, but also familiar.

The voice gave Joseph the general direction to go – “Follow the Sun. Always follow the Sun.”

Was he talking to himself? Or was someone or something else helping him? The vague dreams about the sun seemed to be validated with this waking voice. Someone was telling him the direction to go.

It has been said that we all have a guardian angel or special guide that helps us in our lives. This is someone that cannot be seen, not a real person but you know they are there. Could this special voice be a guide?

Joseph remembers small pieces of the past three days. His vision was blurry, but he thought he remembered seeing a fuzzy, unclear figure far ahead of him, motioning him to follow.

Looking around, Joseph finds a soft grassy spot that he could rest. The day was ending, darkness was coming on. As he puts the back pack down, he looks inside to see what was there. He opened a juice pack that Liv had given him and found a peanut butter and jelly sandwich too. He remembered her kindness. His mind wandered for a few minutes to the peanut butter and banana sandwich his mom made him the morning before the fire.

The fire.

His mind was all over the place: the sandwich his mom made him, the smoke, running and running, feeling lost, feeling exhausted.

His mind was tired, his body was tired, his stomach was full now and he drifted off to sleep. His sleep was fitful and restless. But there was a vivid dream. A group of cloaked beings, with hoods covering their heads, appeared in different wooded areas helping him find his way. They pointed him in certain directions. They were always helpful. He felt comfort with them being there to help.

Then they spoke to him in the dream. For the first time he heard them say something. “When Alpha and Omega come together, you will know who we are and why you are here.”

The message did not make any sense. Even after he woke up, that part of the dream was puzzling. He did not even understand what Alpha and Omega was.

Copyright 2019, Melissa Leath. All rights reserved.

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