The Celestial Group of Elders

The Celestial Group of Elders

It has been a long journey. Bits and pieces of it are coming back to my mind. Let me see if I can relate some of it to you..  

~~Magna Christophers, Mystic and Author


The same dream came many times in his life, but first started when Joseph was a young boy. It did not make much sense to him then. The only thing that made an impression were the cloaked beings, the Celestial Group of Elders. This is how he now tells of the dream~~

An indigenous woman and I were traversing a cavernous area, researching information and artifacts to confirm the origins of man.  There were drawings on the cavern walls depicting a group of individuals. Also, there were many shelves with bound parchments and unusual objects. We spent much time there talking about the objects, and getting to know each other.

Quite suddenly the scene changed into an open field with rocky areas and many trees. I stood by myself in front of a large grouping of unusual individuals. Some were tall, some were short, some were robed and others were wearing strange gear that covered their heads and faces. No one of them looked distinguishable. Their figures eccentrically blended into each other.


Then a telepathic thought entered my mind without my prompting. “You will meet with us to determine your fate. You will either turn aglow of gold or silver, or you will completely disintegrate into nothingness.” Then the group was gone and I was by myself.

Behind me I felt a rush of energy. Upon turning, I could see a Huge Lion approaching me at a lumbering gate. He was swiftly coming towards me. The Lion stopped short of running me over, but assuredly remained a respectful distance from me. “You will follow me,” was his telepathic message. And I instinctively turned and followed. I knew this was about the meeting the group told me of. I had no time to be fearful, just walked behind the Lion through the field, up and around a hill to a flat area where the meeting would take place. I imagined the worst that could happen was that I become disintegrated.

I was expecting the group to emerge from a distant building. But instead, the indigenous woman I had become acquainted with came running towards me. Her arms were flailing around her and she was yelling and jabbering about silly things, information about “what he said and what she said,” which sounded like a recap of a recent daily soap opera on television.

My intuition opened and I became privy to the reality of who she was. This woman was masquerading as a wise woman of authentic lineage. However, she was one of The Others who has come to confound and confuse us. As soon as I had that reality thought, she vanished.

The group of individuals appeared in front of me once more. Their message was this: “You are One Of Us. You are One With All. We are the Celestial Group of Elders, and you are here as part of our mission. You have lived many lifetimes here in human form to bring Truth to this World. The Others come from time to time to keep All in Chaos – to keep you from your mission. We are here now to support you.

You are One With Us: a part of The Celestial Group of Elders.

Lets see if more will come soon…MC