Installment 5: The Legend of Unconditional Love, The Wren

“This legend is of the old wren,” started Ben. “The wren is a very small bird, sometimes unnoticed by common people. It is humble and straight forward as it goes about its daily work—much like the Roma’ folk. But there is also a mystery in this small bird, as known by the gypsies and forest people.

“The Roma could see this wren as an elf-life creature, easily moving in and out of dark spaces, shadows and small openings in tree trunks. As soon as it walked into a shaded spot, it disappeared. No one could tell where.

“They knew it to be a mysterious being and sometimes showed up as a human to perform a special deed. Usually something important that needed to be did. Some Euro-people believe that Gypsies can slip in and out of dimensions that way. They are sometimes fearful of us because they do not understand. People always fear what they do not understand. They believe we can become invisible.”

Joseph was fascinated with Ben’s story. But one thing captured is thoughts after he had a moment to digest the words along with the food.

Ben mentioned the elders, the celestial elders. Are these the same beings that I dream about, I wonder?

The flames from the camp fire began to smolder and glow. Joseph could hear small cracks and pops. The sunset seemed to creep on them so quickly and leave a heavy crimson and burgundy glow on the camp. The shadows moved in a strange and eerie way, stealing visions and taking thoughts. All seemed protected in this valley encampment, but it was unusual to see this strange movement. Being in Ben’s presence made him feel sure things were fine.

Ben had moved behind the tented area and was taking care of something that needed to be tended to. Joseph had been thinking of how beautiful that time of the day was. His mind floated for a moment to the story Ben had just told him about the wren.

He looked around and did not see Ben anywhere. Then he showed up in a different part of the camp. It seemed unusual and normal at the same time. Joseph decided his eyes must be tired and blinked a couple of times.

It all reminded him that it was getting late. His eyes began to droop and he shook his head in such a way trying to wake himself and be attentive. He wanted so badly to stay awake and listen all night to Ben tell of his experiences.

Ben knew Joseph was sleepy. He took out a blanket from his tent and handed it to the boy. There was plenty of time to talk and get to know each other later. As Ben went into the tent again, Joseph wrapped himself in the blanket and stretched out on the bench he had been sitting on. He knew it was an invitation to stay the night and he was very thankful to the new friend for his kindness.

Ben took a few minutes to clear the table, wash out the plates and pot and prep the camp for night. After smoking from a pipe for a few minutes, he fell asleep in the big wooden chair nearest the fire.

Taken from Chapter 10 – Meeting Ben Garran

Copyright 2019, Melissa Leath

Installment 4: The Legend of Unconditional Love, Take Refuge

Two years had gone by since his stay with the Plain People. During those two years Joseph traveled on his own on back roads and trails. He spent time with vagabond families that traveled as work was found. He stayed with them in shelter buildings and worked the ground for the property owners. Many times, there would be a harvest feast of seconds from the fields.

As he roamed by himself, he often lived on his own eating berries, lemon grass, nuts, seeds, and occasionally pilfered vegetables from unattended gardens.

He learned from the traveling workers how to manage life. “If you don’t have a permanent home, you learn to live off the land, you take refuge where Nature allows. The work was hard and I was always worn out by the end of the day. But it felt good to work with friends, to share the load and watch everyone take care of each other.

He was in and out of small towns and communities. But never felt comfortable. It never felt like where he should be.

But this town he had found, Laurel Run, felt right. It was a small village of regular folks and just entering the town, there was a calm that came over Joseph. “This might be it. This could really be where I am supposed to stay.”

He missed his foster friends and the Zimmerman family, but knew he was meant to be in this town now. It felt right.

He looked down at his jacket. It was smart of him to hide it near that cave close to the Zimmerman Home. The name tag was still there. As long as he had the jacket and name tag, he knew who he was.

This small town was different than anything he had known before. At first, he hid behind some barrels in a back alley, just getting the feel of it. There were several back stoops behind some stores that were not used very often, so he spent time sleeping there or hanging out.

Not knowing his way around, put Joseph at a disadvantage. “It feels right being here in this town, but I have to find some safe places.” He ducked around into side streets and alleyways and open fields just on the edge of town. He had good experience from previous living situations and knew what to look for – to be safe.

Installment 3, The Legend of Unconditional Love — Follow the Sun

Joseph had traveled miles walking by himself for hours. Even though he knew nothing about Pennsylvania, he had made it on foot into this state. There were no signs to indicate where he was, because he traveled on secondary roads and pathways. But he could tell it felt different.

The Sun seemed to feel so warm on his face. Joseph had always felt drawn to the Sun since he could remember. If the sun could have talked to him, they would have had long conversations. The vibrations he got from it felt comforting and there was some kind of dialog going on inside his head. Joseph always talked to himself in his head, like there were two of him at the same time.

But this time, there was another voice in his head. There was someone talking in his head! It was a different voice than what he remembered. Different, but also familiar.

The voice gave Joseph the general direction to go – “Follow the Sun. Always follow the Sun.”

Was he talking to himself? Or was someone or something else helping him? The vague dreams about the sun seemed to be validated with this waking voice. Someone was telling him the direction to go.

It has been said that we all have a guardian angel or special guide that helps us in our lives. This is someone that cannot be seen, not a real person but you know they are there. Could this special voice be a guide?

Joseph remembers small pieces of the past three days. His vision was blurry, but he thought he remembered seeing a fuzzy, unclear figure far ahead of him, motioning him to follow.

Looking around, Joseph finds a soft grassy spot that he could rest. The day was ending, darkness was coming on. As he puts the back pack down, he looks inside to see what was there. He opened a juice pack that Liv had given him and found a peanut butter and jelly sandwich too. He remembered her kindness. His mind wandered for a few minutes to the peanut butter and banana sandwich his mom made him the morning before the fire.

The fire.

His mind was all over the place: the sandwich his mom made him, the smoke, running and running, feeling lost, feeling exhausted.

His mind was tired, his body was tired, his stomach was full now and he drifted off to sleep. His sleep was fitful and restless. But there was a vivid dream. A group of cloaked beings, with hoods covering their heads, appeared in different wooded areas helping him find his way. They pointed him in certain directions. They were always helpful. He felt comfort with them being there to help.

Then they spoke to him in the dream. For the first time he heard them say something. “When Alpha and Omega come together, you will know who we are and why you are here.”

The message did not make any sense. Even after he woke up, that part of the dream was puzzling. He did not even understand what Alpha and Omega was.

Copyright 2019, Melissa Leath. All rights reserved.

Finishing Projects and Mind-Space.

So here I sit in front of you, just finishing a five month word desert! Seems I have written and expanded themes and characters in my mind. But can’t sit down and put it on the book content page. All those other little mundane projects keep jumping into my mind. I start them, thinking after this gets out of the way, I’ll be able to concentrate on the novel. Half way through the project, a new idea hits me and I start another project — never even finishing the old one.

So here is my conundrum: Which project do I finish first? And that leads to a stalemate. hmmmm….

Earlier in the season, I saw my neighbor outside working in her garden. She is a well-read author, who writes many biographies and a few poems. So she spends much of her time researching the topic and person of interest for the book. But she was not just weeding the flower bed, or trimming the curb. She was cutting a new area for flowers and planting a small bush.

I knew the pattern! I spoke to her and she stopped and came over to the fence to chat a moment, wiping her brow with the back of her garden glove.

“What new book project are you working on now?” I asked her.

“How did you know I had a new book in the works?” she said, half smiling and half puzzled.

“I know the pattern.” was my reply. “When ever you have a new book deadline, you start garden projects.”

I consider my neighbor a very talented and brilliant person. And recognize the need for mind-space before moving into full blown writing. And she had demonstrated this technique of avoiding-the-necessary-task-at-all-cost many times before. We’ve lived next door to her for 30 years, and have seen this distraction move more than once.

So I must (I must, I must) include myself in the brilliant and talented concept, since I too use the technique of avoiding-the-necessary-task-at-all-cost.

But, since I am able to write about it now means that I am coming very close to opening up the document file that houses my novel and skillfully expanding 70 pages into 300+.

Keep watching and wish me speedy luck!

Melissa Leath.

Keeping Track of My Musings as a Fiction Writer


I have fussed around with the idea of journaling about my writing for a long time. And so, now I embark on the project.

I’ve written several non-fiction books (Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern day Mystics — Orange Blossom Meditation — Does Your Child See Sparkles?) and that was simply gathering information and formatting what I have been studying and found during spirit-communication. It mainly took time and patience to compile this information into palatable content.

But fiction — my that is another thing!

So, now you can have some insight to my thinking as to why I have written something, what brought about a certain character in the story, and why it has taken  me so long to put it on paper.

What I am working on (working title “Life, as Celebrated by Joseph Allen Walk” or “The Legend of Unconditional Love”) came to my mind as a full length movie in a dream. Many years ago. At 3:00am I woke, fully mesmerized by the extent of the story, and ran down stairs to type out a short outline on my word processor — yeah, it was that long ago!

I am sharing bits and pieces of different sections of the story here in this blog under the Category “The Story”. After awhile it will all start to make sense.

But for now, I must come to terms with what to post and how much to post. I hope you enjoy the journey and the story!

~Melissa Leathbundles

As the Crowd Reacts

unsplashcrowdriotInstallment 2, The Legend of Unconditional Love

A nationally known television network crew was filming the whole scene, and saw Joseph trying to persuade the crowd into a living vibration, rather than one of death. One of the main news reporters thought she recognized him. What was so familiar about him? She was drawn to this man for some reason, and knew she must talk to him immediately.

She started to make her way towards Joseph, dodging people who were swinging their fists, and ducking around a fight that was going on between them.

But just as the reporter heard him yell, he was bashed in the head with a club. She lost sight of him. That one strike started others in the crowd reacting to the violence. Everyone joined in and started clubbing, kicking, and rioting.

Joseph’s body slumped to the ground, as frenzy took over. He was crushed under the feet of people who lost control and awareness of what was happening.

Amid the commotion, the paramedics that were parked nearby, carefully picked up Joseph’s crumbled body and put it into the emergency truck.

After what seemed like hours, they were not able to revive him. They searched his pockets for identification. All they found was a badly worn name badge that bore the name Joseph Allen Walker. They filled out a card with his name on it and attached it to the body. As they pulled a sheet over his lifeless head, the worn out name tag Joseph had for so many years was swept out of the truck by a light breeze and landed on the pavement.

Olivia, the news reporter picked it up, staring at the name in disbelief. Joseph Allen Walker. Could this man be the same young boy she rescued so many years ago?

 Copyright 2016 Melissa Leath. All Rights reserved.

The Celestial Group of Elders

The Celestial Group of Elders

It has been a long journey. Bits and pieces of it are coming back to my mind. Let me see if I can relate some of it to you..  

~~Magna Christophers, Mystic and Author


The same dream came many times in his life, but first started when Joseph was a young boy. It did not make much sense to him then. The only thing that made an impression were the cloaked beings, the Celestial Group of Elders. This is how he now tells of the dream~~

An indigenous woman and I were traversing a cavernous area, researching information and artifacts to confirm the origins of man.  There were drawings on the cavern walls depicting a group of individuals. Also, there were many shelves with bound parchments and unusual objects. We spent much time there talking about the objects, and getting to know each other.

Quite suddenly the scene changed into an open field with rocky areas and many trees. I stood by myself in front of a large grouping of unusual individuals. Some were tall, some were short, some were robed and others were wearing strange gear that covered their heads and faces. No one of them looked distinguishable. Their figures eccentrically blended into each other.


Then a telepathic thought entered my mind without my prompting. “You will meet with us to determine your fate. You will either turn aglow of gold or silver, or you will completely disintegrate into nothingness.” Then the group was gone and I was by myself.

Behind me I felt a rush of energy. Upon turning, I could see a Huge Lion approaching me at a lumbering gate. He was swiftly coming towards me. The Lion stopped short of running me over, but assuredly remained a respectful distance from me. “You will follow me,” was his telepathic message. And I instinctively turned and followed. I knew this was about the meeting the group told me of. I had no time to be fearful, just walked behind the Lion through the field, up and around a hill to a flat area where the meeting would take place. I imagined the worst that could happen was that I become disintegrated.

I was expecting the group to emerge from a distant building. But instead, the indigenous woman I had become acquainted with came running towards me. Her arms were flailing around her and she was yelling and jabbering about silly things, information about “what he said and what she said,” which sounded like a recap of a recent daily soap opera on television.

My intuition opened and I became privy to the reality of who she was. This woman was masquerading as a wise woman of authentic lineage. However, she was one of The Others who has come to confound and confuse us. As soon as I had that reality thought, she vanished.

The group of individuals appeared in front of me once more. Their message was this: “You are One Of Us. You are One With All. We are the Celestial Group of Elders, and you are here as part of our mission. You have lived many lifetimes here in human form to bring Truth to this World. The Others come from time to time to keep All in Chaos – to keep you from your mission. We are here now to support you.

You are One With Us: a part of The Celestial Group of Elders.

Lets see if more will come soon…MC